Superman: Phantom Zone is a fighting/action/adventure/sci-fi video-game by Rocksteady Games. It's basically a spin-off of Batman: Arkham Asylum in a way.


Darkseid is defeated once more and sent to the Phantom Zone by Superman, but before Superman can leave, the portal is closed and a huge blast knocks out Superman. He later awakens in the prison dimension known as The Phantom Zone, which is now ruled by Darkseid.



"Lex Luthor's Challenges"Edit

This is a list of challenges Lex Luthor gives to Superman, in order to find where Luthor is.

  1. Destroy 5 Luthorbots in the entrance to the prison area
  2. Defeat Toyman on the bridge
  3. Blow up Toyman's bombs
  4. Shoot down Brainiac's Deffence Ships
  5. Make it to the Field of Kryptonite
  6. Find/Defeat Metallo
  7. Find Toyman's old lab
  8. Destroy 7 Lexcorp Time-Bombs with heat vision
  9. Blow up the Sky-Scraper in Sector X
  10. Destroy the Brain InterActive construct
  11. Crash Darkseid's ship
  12. Defeat Darkseid
  13. Find the secret chamber


Superman CostumesEdit

  • Classic
  • Henry Cavill
  • Cyborg Superman
  • Superboy
  • Smallville

Challenge MapsEdit

  • Aboard The DarkStar - A brawl on Darkseid's ship. Superman must battle his way past several Parademons and guards, then get to a giant robot wolf made by Darkseid.
  • Brain InterActive - A sort of "capture the flag" thing. Superman has a powerful crystal that Brainiac wants. Brainiac has one, and if he has both he is freed from The Phantom Zone, so Superman must protect his crystal and try to steal Brainiac's one, but Brainiac has henchmen.
  • King of the Hill - A battle with Lobo in his cell.


A sequel, Superman: Phantom Zone Unleashed, was announced.

There are actually several things in the game that already gave hints at the possibility of a sequel:

  • After Darkseid is defeated, Lobo shows up and tells Superman "it has just begun". After giving Superman this warning, Lobo jumps on his space-cruiser, opens a portal, and escapes.
  • After the ending credits, we see what looks like Darkseid's head (which is odd, because when you defeat him he isn't decapitated) floating through space, when suddenly it's eyes open...